Kolangal Episode 17, 14/12/2018 #VikatanPrimeTime

Kolangal Episode 17, 14/12/2018 #VikatanPrimeTime #1
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TitleKolangal Episode 17, 14/12/2018 #VikatanPrimeTime
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15 years after it debuted on TV, Kolangal comes back in our lives on the same date and same time - 26th Nov, 9 pm IST! The roller coaster ride of the life and times of Abi (Abinaya), ably played by Devayani is back to take you down the memory lane.

After a gap of 15 years, meet Abi, Thiolkapian, Usha & Baskar, their families again everyday at 9 pm, Monday to Saturday, exclusively on VikatanTV YouTube channel. #VikatanPrimeTime #Kolangal #KolangalIsBack #AbiIsBack - it is not re-telecast but back at the same time as it was on SUN TV, exactly 15 years after it premiered on SUN TV, but this time on YouTube.

20 years back, in the first week of November 1998, Vikatan Televistas started their journey with a weekly serial Akshaya on SUN TV, every Thursday at 9 pm. It has been 20 years of entertaining you - our audience. We thank you for your support, love and criticism all these years. #20YearsOfVikatanTelevistas
Kolangal revolves around the lives of four siblings; the eldest daughter is the main protagonist. It relates the story of these children whose mother taught them to always be straightforward in life.
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