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Shaiya World Pvp #1
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TitleShaiya World Pvp
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Recorded : Dec. 13 2018

1st Video :[[link stripped - click to show]]
2nd Video :[[link stripped]]

Official Website :[[link stripped]]
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Episode: 5
Instant Level 70
KILL Rate: x1 / x2 (Weekends/Special Events)
FREE PvP Gears
FREE 30 Day's Consumables: CRR, PID, EE.
FREE Rewards: Services that will give you free Rewards (Vote, PvP, GRB, Etc).
No Overpowered items, No Debuff Lapis, No Knockout Nostrum, Max Lapis Lv6.
Exclusive PvP Rewards: Items that can be obtained only from PvP Rewards!
Weekly GRB Rewards: for Top3 Guilds per faction!
Custom Quests with awesome Rewards
Stable Economy Server: Gold is highly valuable. You can sell or buy any item you desire with it.
Enhanced Server: Server is hosted in a well known DDoS Protected company.
Cross Faction Trade: This allow you to trade items with opposite faction in Auction House.
Shared Kills on all Raids: Gain same amount of kills with other raids if you are in the same area of PvP.
Active, friendly Staffs to keep the game safe and enjoyable for everyone.

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